ChargeNET Kenya is a subsidiary of Mayleen Corporation, a Kenyan-based group specializing in Power & Energy, Manufacturing, Electro-Mechanical works, and Automobiles.

The group has expanded its innovative, technological capacity and expertise in these sectors for close to 20 years.

ChargeNET’s primary goal is to bridge the gap in the transport sector through the adoption of electric mobility in Kenya. Its focus is to provide
smart infrastructure for charging electric vehicles (EV) to the public and inline be the FIRST Public EV Charging Company in Kenya.

ChargeNET has a deeper understanding of Kenya’s social & economic environment. This knowledge would enable us to promote financial reprieve to the general public while enhancing environmental sustainability.

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Our Sevices

Public & Private Electric Vehicle Charging Unit
Dealership of Electric vehicle and related services

With the excellent platform, we are planning to adopt multi-sector charging stations to the public. The solid platform will enable us to transform Boda Boda operations into a multi-model low-cost transport system. In conjunction with this low-cost system, the local banks and all participants will get new income streams through this platform. Some of the direct beneficiaries of this platform would include all citizens, power generation companies, utility companies, KRA, NTSA, the county governments, financial institutions, and Telcos. Our aim is to create a new innovative platform to support the concerned parties, institutions, and the environment. In our effort to achieve this goal, we are offering FREE EV Charging services to any EV users/driver on our network.