Mayleen’s Pandemic Compliant Critical Care Bed Solution is a self sufficient customized hospital bed unit for emergency situation with integration of system support features including;

  • Custom-design oxygen line
  • Custom-design power supply system
  • Custom-design alarm system
  • Adjustable headrest/backrest
  • Side Rails
  • IV fluid pole
  • Over-bed side tray
  • Castor wheel System
  • Headboard, tailboard and hook-on rail mattress platform

Why Mayleen Health

  1. Mayleen is an experienced manufacturing contractor of steel fabrications for government institutions and prides itself in its enormous capability to mass produce up to 150 bed units per day from its multiple production lines.
  2. Our factory has a highly skilled team of professionals who tackle the design, fabrication and assembly of the components. Each unit is made up of separate sub-assemblies which can be easily assembled and disassembled. The assembling of each bed unit takes approx. 10mins.
  3. The structural components are innovatively optimized for light weight and coupled with it’s design for assembly makes handling and transportation of the sub assemblies is easy.
  4. The oxygen tanks are sourced from certified dealers with an oxygen purity of more than 95% and are dust and particle free. One oxygen line can serve up to 10 beds/patients.
  5. The power system terminations can be used with both domestic and commercial mains from Kenya Power supply source, generators and solar systems with an operating voltage of 240 V at a frequency 50 Hz.
  6. The power tapped from a distribution board can take a load of up to 10-bed units. This can be replicated for any number of sets of 10-bed units.
  7. With a proven track record in the industry, quality control is our stronghold. The raw materials are sourced locally thus ensuring we meet tight timeframes.
  8. Nylon Tia Pipe For Piping Utilization
    It is worth noting that due to the nature of the solution (for a make-shift hospital or isolation ward), it is cumbersome and not cost effective to use copper piping for such a facility. Copper is the best for oxygen piping because of its durability (50yrs) but it’s required for permanent structures. The second best alternative now is the NYLON T/TIA tubing normally used for industrial compressed air systems, medical gas pendants (used in ICU and Theatres) and medical oxygen generating plants. (See attached specification sheet). The following are some characteristics that make this pipe ideal:

    • It can withstand 13bars at normal temperature (up to 80°C).
    • Includes a lifetime of 25yrs and is easy to connect using the PU push connectors.
    • Easier and faster connection time
  9. Offers variety of choices based on patients needs such as;
    • Bed sizes: 3 ft × 6ft or 31/2ft × 6ft
    • Mobility: With wheels or feet
    • Side rails and backrest: With drop down side rails and an adjustible backrest or without
    • Power supply & electrical accessories: With Electrical system or without.
    • Oxygen Line