Our country Kenya, our continent Africa and the World at large are facing unprecedented turmoil occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic.

For the first time in known history, we have witnessed developed countries capacity to cater for their ill patients, surpassed by the sheer numbers of the ailing, where no single country has enough critical care beds and means for oxygen delivery to all patients.

Whilst National & County Governments are taking every precaution to mitigate the spread of the virus within their borders, it would be prudent to scale up the level of preparedness in the number of critical care beds and oxygen dispensers, in the same way that regulations are being enforced as regards to Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and face masks for the general population.

Kenya and the continent at large can utilize the creativity of its citizens to urgently develop local solutions that would allow for a massive increase in low-cost, dynamic and easy to mass produce critical care beds.

We are a Nairobi-based company in the Power and Energy manufacturing sector and have chosen to recalibrate our machinery in order to produce customized medical beds.

We are best known as one of the handful suppliers and outside contractors for the Kenya Power & Lighting Co Ltd (KPLC) and Rural Electrification Agency (REA) just to underscore our credibility and as an indicator of our production capacity.

Based on the recent cost estimates and the extremely low numbers of currently available ICU beds in all hospitals in the country, our in-house Electrical, Mechanical and design engineers worked extremely quickly to design a fully operational, pandemic-compliant critical care bed.


Isometric Presentation of the Mayleen High Dependency/ICU Bed.

The Mayleen “Smart Bed” combines all the functionalities of a modern high dependency/ICU ward, by integrating the oxygen line, power supply, alarm system, IV fluid pole a side-tray, a wheeling system plus a hook-on rail mattress platform.

Once the COVID-19 pandemic has been contained, these beds can afterwards be converted into regular and critical care hospital beds, thereby raising the admission capacity within the country.

Our bed is designed for mass quarantine and treatment eventualities, easily moved and placed in expansive spaces like large open-air medical venues e.g. Stadiums and converted warehouses.

The bed solution comes with all the trappings of a hospital bed including the regular cabinets, and stands for drip application and blood transfusion.

Most importantly, these beds can be fitted 15 – 20 in a row with a mechanism for sharing a single oxygen-tank, which can be channeled directly into oxygen masks per bed.

We offer local manufacturing and delivery, with sufficient after-sales service and follow-up to ensure that the beds deliver on our promise of quality.

We are committed to helping our country and our continent plug in the huge shortfall in critical care beds at this time where we have the COVID-19 induced spike in their need.



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