CAPTION: Trade and Industry Cabinet Secretary Betty Maina when she toured the Mayleen Industrial Complex recently. 

Mayleen Corporation is one of the five companies in Kenya, earmarked by the Trade and Industry Ministry as a resource partner, in the on-going efforts to contain the spread and mitigate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking during a familiarisation tour of the company’s premises is Athi River Nairobi, Trade and Industry Cabinet Secretary Betty Maina, commended Mayleen Corporation, for the timely and need-responsive intervention measures, where they are manufacturing smart beds for high dependence units in hospitals as part of pandemic preparedness for both the national and county governments.

The pandemic compliant critical care bed solution is a self sufficient customised hospital bed unit for emergency situations with integration of system support features including;

Custom design oxygen line

Custom design power supply system

Custom design alarm system

Adjustable head-rest/backrest

Side rails

IV fluid pole

Overbed side tray

Castor wheel system

Headboard, tail-board and hook-on rail system

The beds are fabricated using locally sourced material with all other components and accessories procured internally, in line with the Presidential Directive issued by His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta, for companies to explore ways of retaining local labor in employment during this pandemic period.