Mayleen has extensive experience in the growing and well-regulated energy sector, with multiple interests in renewable energy projects. Our extensive experience in the Energy sector has helped us move into Independent Power Production Projects licensed by the Kenyan Government with a 7.5 MW Wind Power Project helping us to effectively contribute to the country’s green initiatives. Kenya has the largest renewable energy contribution to total installed capacity in Africa, including hydro, geothermal, solar, and wind power.

Kenya’s president has declared intentions to transition the country to 100 percent renewable energy by 2030, as the government ramps up renewable investment. President Uhuru Kenyatta wants to help reduce climate change by lowering Kenya’s carbon footprint while also generating much-needed employment. The move comes as the country seeks to increase the number of people connected to its electricity infrastructure to achieve 60%.

A Greener Future for Kenya

Currently, renewable energy sources account for 70% of the nation’s installed power capacity, which is more than three times the worldwide average. The shift to 100% renewable energy may improve the population’s access to the national power system while also lowering industrial output costs.

We provide various consulting services to small and medium hydropower projects in Kenya, especially while they are in the early stages, to support the Kenyan ongoing green initiatives.