1. Oxygen Line

In an emergency situation, a need for supplementary oxygen for a patient may arise. A provision for this is realized by incorporating an oxygen line with below specifications;

  • Oxygen cylinder (custom capacity 8.5 m3) with more than 95% purity, free for dust and other contaminants. This provides the oxygen needed and with proper hose line configuration, it can serve up to 10 beds on oxygen for about 8 hours. To avoid frequent changing of cylinder, we recommend having a cylinder manifold with four cylinders per 10-bed unit.
  • Oxygen cylinder double stage pressure regulator which controls the rate of continuous flow of oxygen and ensures an outlet pressures of 4 bar. Based on connected beds to an oxygen line during maximum utilization, the outlet pressures can be re-adjusted to slightly higher than 4 bar to cater for the pressure drops along the line.
  • Generates air flow rate of 0.3m3/min.
  • It has an isolation valve used when changing cylinder.
  • High pressure hose pipes with internal diameter of 10mm and pressure limit of up to 13 bar. This has sufficient safety factor to deliver oxygen of 4 bar supplied by the tank. The hose runs on the trunking compartment. The piping is done using poly-urethane pipe that is cheaper than copper and easy to connect.
  • British standard oxygen terminal, compatible with normal flow meters and machines that use oxygen on each bed. It provides for plug and play provision for a humidifier and other oxygen equipment when need for supplementing patients oxygen arises.
  • The unit comes with a flowmeter with humidifier and breathing masks.

Oxygen tank with double stage adjustable PRESSURE regulator and outlet VALVE

British standard oxygen port, stainless steel

Oxygen line accessories-humidifier and breathing mask

2. Custom-Design Power Supply

Most patients support and testing equipment needs electrical power for their operations thus a need for a simple, efficient and reliable power supply system. Our designs incorporates below specifications;

  • A double compartment electrical trunking with powder coated finish. One compartment is used to hosts the power supply line and another for oxygen line. It provides for inter-bed connection and ensures an inter-bed spacing of more than 1.5 m.
  • The trunking has easy and tool-less mounting and dismounting on the trunk holder mounted on the IV pole at a convenient height (1.8m) for greater user ergonomics.
  • Plug and play connections for successive power supply units and to the power source via an end plug with cabling being enclosed in a flexible conduit 20mm diameter.
  • The unit can source power from both domestic and commercial KPLC mains, generators and solar at rated voltage of 240 V and frequency of 50Hz. Inclusive of a twin power socket provision for plugging electrical equipment needed.

Power sourced from domestic mains

Electrical trunking with twin socket and End plug with cable on flexible conduit-for inter-bed power connection

Trunk holder mounted on IV pole

3. Custom-Design Alarm System

An alarm lightbulb enables a patient who is confined to bed and has no other way of communicating with staff to alert a nurse visually of the need for any type of assistance and requires the attending officer to visit the patient’s bed to determine his/her needs. This is achieved by incorporating a red alarm light on top of the IV pole for easy and visibility by the attending officers. The alarm light switch is located at the bedside via a flexible cord for easy access by the patient. It enables a patient who is able to get out of bed but for whom this may be hazardous, exhausting, or otherwise difficult to alert a nurse of the need for any assistance. Overall, it provides the patient with an increased sense of security and better response rate to his/her needs by the attending officers.

Alarm switch

Rotating red alarm light

4. IV Fluid Pole

The pole is easily fastened to the headboard of the bed with bolts and nuts and contains the features below;

  • A twin-hook mounted at a convenient height of 1.7m for holding the IV fluid during administration to the patient.
  • A bulb holder on the top peripheral end for mounting alarm light.
  • A trunking holder at 1.8m height for mounting of the power & oxygen line.

5. Over-bed side-tray

The need for holding medical items e.g. medicine bottles, boxes, tests kits when attending to a patient or even a platform to place patient’s eating plate necessitates the need for an over-bed side tray.

Our design has the advantages below;

  • Twin compartment tray. Easy mounting & dismounting to the bed by use of bolts and nuts.
  • Light weight and compact design.
  • No buckling under loading.
  • Ample space with a dimension of 30cmm × 30 cm.

6. Castor Wheel System

The emergency castor wheels are equipped with central locking brakes for the ease of handling, manoeuvring and positioning the hospital bed. The general set-up of wheels under a hospital or care bed consists of a castor wheel which provide a lock and swivel rotation as well as a directional lock so the direction of the swivel rotation is fixed.

The mechanism allows for a diagonal locking with the following modes of operation:

  • Motion straight ahead (only when equipped with directional locking brake mode
  • Changes of direction: free mobility of all castors
  • Full locking of all four castors or partial locking of two diagonal castors.

7. Headboard, tailboard and hook on rail matress platform


The overall bed is made of sub-assemblies including; headboard, footboard, hook-on rail platform, castor wheels, IV pole and side tray.


The bed assembly is custom made to various available mattress sizes i.e.

  • 3ft × 6ft
  • 3.5ft × 6ft

The bed height is 700mm.


All metal parts are given a spray-painted finish with two coats of epoxy paints customized to hospital colour code. This offers up to 10 years material protection with a great aesthetics. All beds have smooth finish with no sharp edges, bends, burrs or other deformities.

Bed unit assembly


  • The headboard and tailboard sub-assemblies are made of a blend of furniture pipes Ø32mm & Ø20mm for greater strength and lighter application..For feeted models, they are fitted with rubber pads
  • The hook-on rail mattress platform frame is composed of angle lines for the hook-on side rails for higher strength while maintaining light weight constrains due to their high bending moment of inertia
  • Heavy duty mesh for the mattress platform reinforced with flat bars. It offers great comfort with limited deformations on loading.

8. Backrest/headrest and side rails

The hook-on rail centrepiece is modified to incorporate an adjustable headrest and a drop-down side rails. The headrest is of length 61cm with an adjustable angle of up to 80°. 3 No’s Drop-down type side rails